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Füllen Sie bitte unser Reparaturauftragsformular aus. Wir haben ihr Handy, Smartphone oder Tablet erhalten. Nun führen wir eine Erst-Untersuchung durch. Wenn Sie keinen Kostenvoranschlag möchten bzw. Standard-Reparaturen dauern bei uns ca. Nach Zahlungseingang schicken wir Ihnen Ihr repariertes Gerät umgehend zurück.


Ist der Fehler bzw. Defekt nicht bekannt, führen wir für Sie eine Fehlerdiagnose durch. Some other repair service providers are forced in this case having to replace the entire motherboard or the housing, so that a repair appears unprofitable. In our repair, the switch will be repaired within their unit. Please note that this service we only offer our local customers as we unfortunately do not offer shipping route for the return of equipment in size of an iMac.

If water or liquid damage a preliminary diagnosis is not possible, as immediate action is needed. The storage space of your MacBook is no longer enough for you. Movies, music, videos, and many other media consume some of your hard drive capacity or the volume currently installed in your MacBook is simply too small.

For a special price you will receive from us a new hard disk with a capacity of 2TB GB the installation by our technicians and we secure your data and transfer this to the new. You will not even notice anything on your MacBook has changed - unless of course you have more free memory now again.

You do not know if 2TB is enough because your current disk size is unknown to you?

Profile | PSI Software AG

Then type "Disk Utility" in Spotlight and then start the program. On the right side you can now see your current storage capacity. How to get the upgrade: You simply order this offer here online You select at the top: A cleaning attempt can be made without guarantee of success. This will be charged with 69,00 EUR Only after a special cleaning can be made at all an upgrade.

You need to restore deleted files on Mac OS X, or Windows, such as important business documents, music, photos or videos?

Files or entire partitions have disappeared from your computer? Can not access an external USB device or a camera card? We can help you. To find out which Residence Permit you may need, please see " Rights of residence for researchers from non-EU countries in Germany ", provided by the German Rector's Conference, the Voice of the Universities. Moreover, you will also find detailed information under: The financial security statement must prove that the student has enough financial support for the first year after arrival.

Please contact and ask the German embassy in your home country in advance, how much money is required, and how you can prove your sufficient financial status. EU -Students must show their sufficient financial status, but are not obliged to provide an official financial security statement.

Applying for a scholarship can already be done in your home country. Therefore, please inform yourself early enough about possible scholarship opportunities, as well as their corresponding application deadlines some foundations only decide times a year who is granted a scholarship.

The DAAD offers a comprehensive list of several foundations at: Additionally, the International Office offers an overview of several foundations: There are different conditions for graduates and non-graduates. Sometimes an application for a scholarship is only possible after being accepted to a university.

Finding an affordable room can be a challenge for many new students in Bonn. This task may be especially difficult for international students without sufficient German language skills. The Studierendenwerk Bonn - an independent public institution — offers subsidized rooms in student residences. Due to an increasing number of students, Sometimes there is a huge housing shortage for cheap accommodations in Bonn e. Please note that the International Office can only provide general information for finding an accommodation i. Therefore, please start your autonomous search for housing early!

It is possible to apply for several dorms. As soon as the Studierendenwerk confirms that there is a room or apartment available, they will send you the rental contract, or you may go their office to sign it. You will find the necessary information about the dorms and the application procedure on the webpage of the Studerendenwerk Bonn - Please note: Mon, Tue, Thu 9: If you are not successful in obtaining a room from the Studierendenwerk Bonn, you will have to look for a room on the private market.

You can find several addresses on our website " Accomodation in Bonn " - here you will also find websites of additional residence halls of private or church-related organizations, housing search engines, and the official websites of a few real estate agents. Some real estate agencies charge a commission fee. Finding a new room to live can be difficult in a new city, especially from abroad. For rental agreements for the private housing market see: Since November 26, , the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms University of Bonn only accepts applications from the People's Republic of China if, in addition to the reports, the completed entrance application also includes the original certificate of the academic inspection authority of the Cultural Department of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Beijing.

This means that you must fill out the application yourself, enter your address, and sign the form. Entrance applications that do not fulfill the requirements above will not be processed and will be rejected. This rule also applies to Chinese university applicants who have a degree from their home country and would like to do their PhD. For questions, please contact Ms. Marion Becker, postal address: After receiving a room confirmation from the Studierendenwerk, please let them know where, and when, you would like to sign the leasing contract. You can either sign the contract and send it from your home country, or sign it at the Studierendenwerk Abt.

Please remember , the payment of the first month's rent and the security deposit approx.

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Every residence hall is located near a public transportation stop. A room for safe bicycle storage is also offered in all residence halls. The parking area, however, is normally restricted. Most residence halls offer common rooms which can be used by every occupant e. Additionally to the facility manager, most dorms have foreigner's tutors, who can help you with questions concerning your dorm, or with general questions about living in Bonn.

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The foreigner's tutors are also University of Bonn students who voluntarily support international students. The Studierendenwerk will give you the name of your residence hall's foreigner's tutor. Please, contact your foreigner's tutor or the janitor on time in order to get the key to your room!

If no dorm rooms are available from the Studierendenwerk Bonn, there are additional, private student halls including religious-oriented dormitories. You can directly apply for a room on their website. Here is an overview of several offers see point 4: Furthermore, if you permanently leave the country, you must de-register.

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The landlord or the landlady has an obligation to cooperate! You can download the document here. Usually, you need an appointment for registration! In order to register you need the following documents:. After registering, you will receive the following documents: