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This can help if you need to know for your job, when and how long you are at your clients place. You only need to define the locations which needs to be monitored, and the App makes the rest automatically. You can also export the data as text or CSV file and visualize them using bar charts. Zeiterfassung Die App kann automatisch aufzeichnen, wann und wie lange Sie sich an bestimmten Orten aufhalten. Nutzen Sie diese Funktion, wenn Sie z. But the App has special filters, so even without GPS hardware, recording of tracks will have good results.

Aber die App nutzt spezielle Filter, und dennoch gute und brauchbare Ergebnisse zu erzielen. This can be very useful if you record tracks on an iPhone or iPod Touch which you have with you all the time, but you want to analyze these tracks more comfortably at home on an iPad with its much larger screen. Dies ist hilfreich, wenn Sie z.

Don't buy a GARMIN unless you have to... Use your iphone / Samsung instead!

The App Pado is all about geo tracking. The App might look just like an ordinary fitness tracker at first which is used to record tracks of your jogging rounds and you can use the App for this just fine but the App goes much further. The App can record tracks of your movements and display these on a map, analyze the speed, pace, altitude, coordinates and other values for each point of the track, visualize and compare the data graphically etc.

But recording of the tracks can not only be done manually, but also fully automatically in the background. The automatic recording as done using the location-based actions. The available actions include playing music or sound effects, posting messages to the notification center, start or stop the recording of a track. It's also possible to trigger actions via "WebHook" on a server, which lets you even control things outside of your iPhone or iPad. All the actions can be restricted to certain time and date periods as well. Another feature is the time tracking which logs the time and duration you are at certain regions.

For almost everything you can visualize the data graphically with bar charts and show tracks and locations on a map.


Tracks and time tracking data can be also exported in order to use them in other Apps. Select from 15 colour themes!

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Your family will always be there to talk. Why should you download "My Family"? Say good-bye to unjustified worry.

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We can always make your location invisible in the App's settings, but not in Kid Mode! Of course My Family can find where you are using your cellular signal alone but the GPS offers exact coordinates. The App conserves power, but as with any app with GPS functionality, your battery life may be slightly diminished. Thank you all for your wishes and remarks. Thanks to you, in this update we have fixed many annoying flaws and again improved usability.

Write to us at: We made the list of users more usable and accessible. Nice clean interface and cross-platform.

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My family consists of 2 Windows phones, 1 iPhone, and 1 android phone. Improvements I'd like to see are time zone setting when I check the iPhone location the time zone is off by 4 hours , hints on why a phone can't be located like when my son puts his phone in airplane mode , and a different presentation of location history map of trips.

Overall I like it and encourage the developers to keep supporting and improving the Windows version. This app crosses all three platforms, iPhone, android, and windows mobile. It keeps the family informed. No more texts about where are you. Not just a replacement for life it's way better. Wish I had discovered this one first. Thank you for the review!

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I installed it because it's one of the few for all three operating systems, I have in on window's 8. I have a Windows Phone Lumia and wife and daughter have iPhone 7's. This app doesn't work on any of the three. Another curse for Life for dropping Windows Phone support. I have been looking for an app that I can get on and find where my kids are and that they are where they are supposed to be!

And I finally found it! So simple and easy to use and you can set up where they can't turn off location!


Visit our website http: We know that win8. We love using this app to know where we are and able to communicate privately and freely. Thanks for supporting Windows platform! I use this ti keep in contact with my two kids when they are at their mothers house. It gives me piece of mind and gives us a way to communicate.

KidControl GPS Tracker for Kids

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